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All is Emptiness
All is One
All is Love and Compassion
All is Consciousness
All is Divine Presence

                                              © Oscar Ichazo

About The Artist


James Hanlon is an artist whose work would best be described as Transcendent Idealism and Transcendent Realism.  His vision conveys beauty, balance, and harmony, within a frame of history, displaying qualities of serenity, offering the viewer a possibility for sudden and ecstatic movement into peace and joy, which may be found within our span of existence.


In addition, the Neo-Mystical style he develops is the culmination of a lifelong quest, his artistic expression reflecting the sacred, the perfect, and the random found in the human condition and experience.


Hanlon’s catalog exhibits the development of his eclectic body of work.  He has drawn inspiration from the entire history of western art.  The artist paints for technical perfection, to reveal the surprise of juxtaposed elements in order to captivate the viewer to offer a sense of intellectual puzzlement, as well as to display visual delicacy and lushness.  For him, art is function- an act of giving toward a state of mind engaged in continuous growth and transformation.


The artist works mainly with acrylics, oils, gouache, gold, silver, copper leafing, and mixed media.  With a short history of formal artistic training, James Hanlon is a self-taught master of painting, Illustration, design and airbrush technique, utilizing and many as 150 custom-made templates per painting, to achieve shading, color, balance, and visual delight.  His paintings combine airbrush with traditional brushwork to achieve a subtle yet intense interplay of visual texture.  His mixed media is executed suprarenal (surreal, in stylized form.) James takes his subject matter from nature, the live model, the imagination, and photography.


James has over four decades of experience as senior illuastrator for the
Arica Institute founded by Oscar Ichazo to present the theory and method
for the definitive analysis of the human psyche and the attainment of
Pristine Enlightenment. Ichazo’s publications received the 1991 United Nations
Society of Writers Award of Excellence. Hanlon’s illustrations abound in all of
Ichazo’s publications. James has been a member of the Arica Institute since 1971.


James recently moved from Maui, Hawaii and has established his home in the Portland area.  He has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, and Asia in order to savor old and new world cultural perspectives, to incorporate these sensibilities into his art.  Hanlon has over 50 years of professional experience in fine arts and commercial arts.  As an academic professional, he offers a well-developed curriculum for university level art classes, having taught at the Art Institute of Atlanta, the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, and the New England School of Art and Design.  The artist has exhibited his work across the country, in Boston, New York, Taos, San Francisco, Pacific Grove/Carmel, Honolulu, Maui, as well as Paris, France, in addition to exhibiting in galleries and shows in Portland.  James has won many awards given by the Oregon Society of Artists, the honorary gallery for the Portland Rose Festival.


James Hanlon’s fine art originals as well as limited-edition numbered high-quality giclee prints in a variety of sizes are available for purchase.  The artist welcomes commission, portraiture and/or to transform symbols from a client’s life into a lasting creative expression on canvas.

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